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Welcome to my playground for those who love knowledge and seek it with ardour. I will present my thoughts in the arenas of Religion, Semitic and Hellenic Philology, Archaeology, Politics, Sociology,  and other random musings of the day. What does Philomantis mean? Feel free to guess 😉

Published on February 1, 2007 at 5:08 am  Comments (11)  

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  1. I think it means “love of the mantis” (ie: the preying mantis, because thats the only mantis i’ve ever heard of)

  2. Close, but no cigar 🙂 You get an A+ for your analytical skills as you did correctly decipher the “philo” part as meaning having an affinity for something. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. someone who loves prophetic knowledge/prayer

    Main reason for posting was to ask you your background. Your blog very interesting and I enjoy it. Are you student? Or whats your field/background?

    Also it would be very interesting if you would make a updated list of “essential” or “interesting” or “must-have” books. I would be curious as to what you have read and books that I can read in the near future.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. You are exactly right. I am impressed considering that the word is not found in any classical Attic or Koine Greek literature.

    The book list is an excellent idea and I’ll do my best to put it together soon.

    Adnan gets the cookie 🙂

  5. i should have cited myself:

    [following is copied and pasted from looking up the word mantis at dictionary.com]

    Word History: Although the female mantis has the habit of eating the male after mating, its name suggests a more benign activity. Mantis is from the Greek word mantis, meaning “prophet, seer.” The Greeks, who made the connection between the upraised front legs of a mantis waiting for its prey and the hands of a prophet in prayer, used the name mantis to mean “the praying mantis.” This word and sense were picked up in Modern Latin and from there came into English, being first recorded in 1658. Once we know the origin of the term mantis, we realize that the species names praying mantis and Mantis religiosa are a bit redundant.

  6. ‘Philo’- love for (etc)
    ‘Mantis’- in this context, ‘seeking’
    So you are somebody who claims a love, presumably of seeking knowledge etc

  7. Wahhabi, close, but the word Philomantis is literally translated at “Love for the Prophet”.

  8. As Salam Alikum

    I love your articles subhanallah very interesting to read, may Allah keep on increasing you in beneficial knowledge!

  9. i thought it was a combination of fil and mantis, 😦

  10. assalaamu alaykum, are u bro jinnzaman at IA forums?

  11. Salaams hope you keep posting as the posts are informative and even illuminating! Just wondering, do you have actual academic training in the various languages or are you self taught? May Allah bless you and increase you in beneficial knowledge.

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